Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!!!

Comfort-zone-smallTaking risks by stepping outside your “Comfort Zone” is the primary way by which we grow. People are often afraid to take that first step. Comfort Zones are mostly about fear.  Once you understand this, you will learn to enjoy the process of taking risks and how you grow in the process.

Below are several ways to assist you in going outside your “Comfort Zone!”

Learn what is outside of your comfort zone

Comfort-Zone1Make a list of the items that you believe are worth doing but are afraid of failure & disappointment. Also, make a list of items that are in your Comfort Zone. Doing this will allow you to clearly identify your “Discomfort Zone”.


Have clear objective of what you want to overcome

Take the list of discomforts and really evaluate it. How does fear apply to each situation? Be very specific. What is it that you are afraid of and why? (i.e. fear of meeting new people, fear of rejection, etc…)

Take baby steps

baby-steps1By jumping outside of your comfort zone, you will become overwhelmed and jump and go right back to your Comfort Zone. Take small steps toward the fear you are trying to overcome. (i.e Public Speaking – Take every opportunity to speak to small groups of people. You can even practice with family and friends.

Treat Failure as a Teacher

Many of us are so afraid of failure that we would rather do nothing than take a shot at our dreams. Begin to treat failure as a teacher. Ask yourself – what did you learn from the experience? How can you use those lessons learned to increase your chance of success for future experiences?

You are who you Hang Out with

Bqh7085CIAIpV8NIf you want to become better at something, you must hang out with the people who are doing what you want to do and start emulating them. By doing this, their influence will start have an effect on your behavior and success.



No Excuses – Be Honest with Yourself

when-i-lost-my-excuses-i-found-my-results-298x300Don’t make excuses.  Just be honest! Don’t be the one who says “I don’t have the time for this right now.” Instead, be honest and say “I am afraid to do this”. You will be in a better place to confront what is truly bothering you and increase your chance of moving forward.

Be Able to Laugh at Yourself

lightenupLearn to laugh at yourself and lighten up when you make mistakes. Risk taking will most likely involve failure and that will sometimes make you look foolish to others. Who cares!  Be happy to roll with the punches when others poke fun.  Remember that NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!



Make sure to Focus on the Fun

x354-q80Enjoy the process of stepping outside your Comfort Zone. Enjoy the fun of discovering things about yourself that you may not have known of previously.

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Written By: Maury Sasso


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