The Perfect Storm Catapults Some Manufacturers While Crippling Others

The Perfect Storm Catapults Some Manufacturers While Crippling Others

There are 4 Significant Changes That Have Caused This “Perfect Storm”:

  1. Surprise Profitability
    The last several years have been decent if you’re lucky but, dismal for most. This caused most companies to pull back on quarterly tax prepayments, or often eliminate them altogether.
  2. 2013 Was Better Than Expected
    There is no question that 2013 started an upswing that is continuing to get stronger with each passing quarter. Manufacturers not only did not anticipate this upswing, they did not really “feel” it either. For years they were forced to cut back to the essentials just to survive. Once income began to flow again, many were forced to make capital investments that were years overdue. This includes; equipment, staff, software, and facility improvements. This means that although 2013 was in fact more profitable, it wasn’t “felt” by many owners. Not everything may be written off in the current year, even if the bank account hasn’t recovered, the P&L sheets have, and the IRS considers many to be profitable and out of AMT, even if the bank accounts don’t reflect the same.
  3. Tax Breaks Disappearing
    Without Bonus Depreciation, (and other major tax breaks that Manufacturers have not only come to enjoy, but have come to count on), many are finding themselves with unexpected increases to their tax liabilities.
  4. Tax Rates Increasing 
    Tax rates are increasing for example; the recent Personal Limit increase to 40% and Capital Gains increasing from 15% – 25%.

So, what happens when companies cut back on paying taxes over the last few years, have a “surprise 2013” that showed up in profit but not necessarily in their bank account and experience tax rate increases, even though tax breaks continue to disappear?

They have a choice, either be crippled or be catapulted. Those that choose to put their head down and re-enter survival mode will surely suffer for it. Those that seek out ways to grow will take over new positions in market share while others scramble to survive.

One key area growing manufacturers are taking a serious look at is what Specialized Tax Incentives are available to offset these increases in Tax Liability. Programs such as the R&D Tax Credit, Cost Segregation, Hiring Incentives, and Property Tax Mitigation. Programs that previously seemed out of reach, all of a sudden are making it to the top of the priority list.

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Dear Commercial Property Owners / Brokers

Screen shot 2011-03-03 at 12.34.59 PMI am with Digital World / IBSP.  A very high percentage of Commercial Property is being overcharged on Property Tax.  80% of the time, we are able to Recapture that money and reduce the Property Tax.  All of our work is on a CONTINGENCY basis.  This means if we are unable to Recapture and Reduce the Property Tax, there is NO FEE!!! (NO RISK)

schedule word circle marked on a calendar by a red pen

Let’s schedule a 15 minute “Discovery Call” to see just how much Integrity Business Solution Provider LLC can Recapture & Reduce Property taxes for you and / or your clients?

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Dear Restaurant  Owners


Are you benefiting from today’s Specialized Tax Incentives for the Restaurant Industry?

Restaurant owners are often extremely busy running their businesses and staying competitive.  As a result, federal tax incentive eligibility is rarely investigated.

Fortunately, there is likely a considerable benefit waiting for them. Since most restaurants have been purchased or constructed for hundreds of thousands of dollars and the business is generally paying taxes at a high bracket, they are ideal candidates for the Cost Segregation tax benefit. Furthermore, we have seen many Restaurants across the nation undergoing significant renovations, most of which qualify for the benefit as well.  And we specialize in securing federal hiring incentive money that has been set aside for employers.

If you own a Restaurant and have yet to complete an Engineering-based Cost Segregation study, now is the time to investigate this benefit…at NO COST to you. Your bottom line will thank you!

We have recovered over $400 million for our clients in the past few years… 

Contact Digital World Agent Maury Sasso to set up a 20 min. Discovery Call with one of our experts.


DW Pacific Coast Area Agent Maury Sasso



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If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to make additional income for yourself & your family. I represent Integrity Business Solution Provider LLC (IBSP).  What makes this opportunity really attractive to people, like yourself, is the simplicity.  There is NO product to sell, in fact there is NO selling at all!!!  All you have to do is schedule a 15 minute Discovery Call for IBSP to discuss with Business Owners, CFO’s & CEO’s how IBSP can Recover & Recapture money for them all on a CONTINGENCY basis.  If IBSP can’t Recover / Recapture money for their clients, the client pays absolutely NOTHING!!! We have found over $400 Million for our clients over the past few years.

Most people know at least 3 – 5 Business Owners, CFO’s & CEO’s that they can reach out to.  Once IBSP has helped the client financially, it is very easy for the client to refer you to other businesses!

Now you are most likely wondering how do I get paid by just scheduling a 15 minute Discovery Call.  Here is how.

IBSP Recovers / Recaptures a client between $30K – $300K – Depending on the size of the company.

IBSP asks for a percentage of the savings they find for their clients and you would receive 20% of the profits from IBSP.

We are the only company out there who does all of this on a CONTINGENCY basis.  All other companies ask for $30K – $100K UPFRONT to do the same work!  BUSINESSES REALLY HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!!!

Here are some of the programs IBSP uses to Recover / Recapture.  Please keep in mind, you do not need to know ANYTHING about these Cost Remediation programs. Leave everything to the IBSP experts and continue scheduling your 15 minute Discovery Calls with your potential clients!  It sounds simple because it really is that simple!!!

  •       R & D TAX CREDIT

Not only will you receive 20% of the profits from IBSP, you will receive 20% of the profits from the CREDIT CARD PROCESSING AUDIT RESIDUALLY on a monthly basis!!!

The response to this has been overwhelming. NO RISK & NO OUT-OF-POCKET expense for businesses whatsoever!!!  And it is so easy to do!!!  REMEMBER – NOT SELLING A THING!!!

If you are curios or know someone who would like to hear more about this amazing opportunity please message me @

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Written By: Maury Sasso



Today is the funeral of “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali.  He was an inspiration to MANY people around the world.  He had a such a magnetic personality and will be greatly missed!  Besides boxing, he was well known for his having many quotes throughout his life.  People really only remember the ones like “Float like a butterfly & sting like a bee”, “I’m the greatest thing that ever lived! I’m the king of the world!”,  “I’m a bad man”, “I’m so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark” & “I’m the prettiest thing that ever lived.” to name just a few!!!Sting Like A bee

What a lot of people didn’t realize is that Muhammad Ali wasn’t only a great boxer; his outlook on life was something to be listened to and applied in our own lives as necessary.  Below are a few quotes from Muhammad Ali that have helped me throughout my life.

famous-muhammad-ali-quote“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”
  • When times get tough, keep going and you will be the Champion of your own life!



images“A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.”
  • Keep your eyes open to possibilities and don’t get stuck just looking straight ahead! There is a world of possibilities out there.  You just need to look around to see them!


images (1)“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”
  • Most people just accept where they are in life even when it’s not the life they envisioned for themselves and family. They do this because they don’t have the courage to try anything new.  Some of the greatest rewards in my life have been due to me having the courage and ambition to pursue the life I deserve!
“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.”muhammad-ali-quotes-17
  • We all look at challenges in our life as mountains to climb. You need to know that every mountain is climbable. One of the main reasons people get worn out and don’t make it to the top or don’t even try is simply because of lack of courage & the doubt they have in themselves! ( pebble in your shoe ). Shake out your shoes and face your challenges! ( Financial, Business, Employment, Personal, etc…)
quote-i-don-t-have-to-be-what-you-want-me-to-be-muhammad-ali-86-25-79“I don’t have to be what you want me to be.”
  • We were programmed as children to get an education, get a job, go to work 8 hours a day, get a paycheck and help make our bosses dreams and aspirations of a good life come true! This is what society has brained washed us into believing.  Do yourself a HUGE favor and look outside the box.  There are a lot of opportunities out there that can assist you in achieving YOUR goals of having the best life possible for YOU come true!!!
f4fd4c254dd2027eb7458c40c4986e8e“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”
  • In my experiences, helping others achieve their goals, with nothing expected in return is the most rewarding thing! I have found that by helping others, with no expectations, my success has grown substantially! Good Karma!!!


mohammad-ali“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”
  • So many times in life we start something and give up because we simply didn’t have a Deep Conviction or Belief in what we are doing. Do yourself a favor and before you start something, make sure you have the conviction and belief to take it to its completion! You will be amazed at the results!!!
CKX5I_yWIAA_4HD“My only fault is that I don’t realize how great I really am.”

We put limits on our success by NOT realizing our full potential.  It is natural for people to get into the rut of accepting what their everyday life has become.  They stop trying to reach their potential which in turn limits their success!


Written By: Maury Sasso

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ATTENTION “COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OWNERS & INVESTORS” – Cost Segregation – Proven To Put $$$ Back In Your Bottom Line!!!

slide_13In a nutshell, Cost Segregation is an IRS-approved application in which commercial property owners can accelerate depreciation of certain assets. They can do so by re-classifying property assets from a standard 39 year depreciable life to a 5, 7, or 15 year depreciable life. In my experience, “Engineered Based Study” is the best & only way to take advantage of this fully.  Integrity Business Solution Provider LLC  does an Engineered Based Study and can definitely help determine how much value implementing a Cost Segregation program might have.

What items qualify according to the IRS?

A number of assets could be eligible for reclassification that could result in tax depreciation, including

Partition Walls


Is Cost Segregation something I can take advantage of?

In my experience, virtually every taxpayer who owns, constructs, renovates or acquires a commercial real estate facility stands to benefit  substantially from having a Cost Segregation study performed.

Why don’t people leverage Cost Segregation strategies?

As with many things, many people just aren’t aware of the benefits it could provide. Maybe their tax advisor doesn’t know about it either, so they may not realize they’re missing out on the opportunity.

Some believe that conducting a cost segregation study will trigger an audit. This is simply not true as the IRS has guidelines for developing such studies that are part of the IRS audit techniques guide.

Why does it cost so much to do Cost Segregation?

A Business Owner / Top Level Executive might think that conducting the Cost Segregation study is too expensive, which very well may be true in almost ALL circumstances. ($30K+) These studies could potentially uncover significant amounts of money and are, in a lot of cases, worth every penny. BUT WAIT!!! Why pay ANY upfront fees if you don’t have to???  I recommend doing the study only if the company doing the study does it on a CONTINGENCY BASIS ONLY.  Let them put their money where their mouth is before you pay anything. ( Integrity Business Solution Provider LLC )  

Cost Segregation Case Study Example

Now that you know what Cost Segregation is and whether it would be a good fit for you, you’re probably wondering what it looks like. I was doing some research on line and came across this Cost Segregation Case Study.  This is a study that was recently performed on a commercial building with a purchase price of $2,900,000.00.  The results are Eye Opening!!!

  • An increase in depreciation in the first 5 years of $447,596.00
  • A year 1 return on investment of $123,512.00
  • A total tax benefit of $123,512.00

When it Pays to Look Back 

There are also studies that look back on previous years and are useful to those who purchased or constructed commercial real estate prior to the current tax year and did not take advantage of accelerating the depreciation at the time the improvements were made. The IRS allows property owners to develop a Cost Segregation study in order to determine the depreciation that should have been realized at the time of completion or at the time of purchase. A few things to know:

  • The difference in accelerated depreciation and the actual depreciation taken is realized in the following tax year.
  • There is no need to file amended tax returns.
  • The IRS does require the owner to file a simple 3115 form, which is a change of accounting method.

Take The Next Steps

Please reach out to me and I will set up your NO OBLIGATION, 15 minute “Discovery Call” with Integrity Business Solution Provider LLC and they will explain their AMAZING, on a Contingency basis only, program that will put money back into your BOTTOM LINE!!!



Also, Please forward this message to ANYONE you feel could benefit from this Contingency Based Cost Segregation study from IBSP!!!

Written By: Maury Sasso

Email –

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What is TRUE Residual Income?

TRUE Residual income

is when you continue to get paid

even after the work is done!!!

To create a TRUE Residual Income, you need to create / represent a product or service that people will continue to buy / use on a regular basis & use it long after you’ve placed it.

TRUE Residual Income is the key to financial freedom!!!

03294d36-d36f-4348-9342-0a4ec4cc20dfimages (1)I am with Digital World and we specialize in providing Merchants the lowest rates in Credit Card Processing.  We are so confident that we can save businesses money that we offer a $500 Lifetime Guarantee that nobody will beat our rates.  When merchants signs up with me and starts using Digital World, I get paid a nice % of the profits from all of the swipes / transactions done through their Credit Card Processing. I get paid from these profits every single month for as long as the merchant is with Digital World. (TRUE Residual Income)

Remember DW’s Lifetime Guarantee – This means, once a merchant signs up with Digital World, I am able to receive a TRUE Residual Income for a very long time.  The more Merchants – The more TRUE Residual Income!!! 

logoimages (1)

Also, as an agent with Digital World, they have partnered up with a company called Integrity Business Solution Provider LLC . IBSP specializes in Cost Remediation through several different programs.  They have save businesses over $400 Million over the past few years and they do it all on a contingency basis.  (NO UPFRONT COST)

Here is how it works being an Agent for Digital World.

All I need to know is an overview of the services that IBSP provides to peak the interest Business Owners / Top Executives. (We all know some business owners) I DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ELSE – THAT’S ALL!!! Once I have peaked their interest, I introduce Business Owners / Top Executives to IBSP by setting up a NO OBLIGATION, 15 minute “Discovery Call” between them.  The IBSP specialist then goes over their amazing programs with the business owners / top executives to see if IBSP’s services are of interest.  As i said above, IBSP does all of the work and on a contingency basis and only asks for a percentage after they uncover these savings.  The business owners / top executives really have nothing to lose.

By just introducing the 2 companies and them agreeing to do business, I will receive a nice percentage of the profits IBSP makes for just introducing them.  


One other thing.  Once you save a business possibly hundreds of thousands of $$$, they are more than happy to refer you to other companies to contact so they can see what IBSP can do for them.  Yes, you would still receive the same nice percentage for the referrals as well!!!

If you are interested in joining Digital World as an agent and earning a TRUE Residual Income or if you have any questions, please email me at


Written By: Maury Sasso


I have had a lot of Merchants & Business Owners requesting information on Digital World’s AMAZING programs so I decided to do this post to explain exactly what I do!  Please email me if you have any questions!!!

Lifetime Rate Guarantee

If we cannot beat your Credit Card Processing rates, for life, we will write you a check for


cost_analysislogo   Full Cost Analysis Absolutely FREE  

FREE State of the Art Equipment   ERPsitedesigns_CreditCardProcessing   

batch-processing     No Batch Fee

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next_day_funding  Next Day Funding

24/7 Customer Service   customer_service

5251172_orig100% In House Processing

We Provide

paxs80   FREE Terminals – EMV/NFC Capabilities
FREE POS System Placement   clover_pos
payanywhere   FREE Tablet Solutions
FREE Mobile Solutions – EMS+ – 2.25%  Square – 2.75%   ems_phone_swipe     online-payment-working   FREE Gateway

If you are a Merchant / Business Owner and your current processor isn’t providing all of the above, please click on the link below to see a short video on our One-Of-A-Kind Merchant program.

To get started with your FREE Cost Analysis, please just email me and I will get back to you ASAP!!! 

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Written By: Maury Sasso



03294d36-d36f-4348-9342-0a4ec4cc20dfAs an agent for Digital World, I am so privileged and excited to represent and introduce “Integrity Business Solution Provider LLC.”  IBSP LLC, has been in business since 2003 & offers the most comprehensive and proprietary business consulting services in the industry. They have Reduced, Recaptured & Discovered over $400 Million for their clients! Their performance based compensation is contingent solely on results – if they do not recover payments and/or reduce costs there is no cost for our services. Their compensation is calculated exclusively as a percentage of the recovered costs or new savings generated by their services.

logoIBSP’s experienced team of experts offers a single point of contact for the most comprehensive and cutting edge resources that will provide savings for companies in time and money.

IBSP LLC provides innovative solutions for companies to maintain their competitive edge by reducing operational costs and corporate risk to improve profit performance. Their industry expertise and innovative strategies provide companies with the resources and knowledge that will effectively and immediately reduce cost and risk resulting in significant bottom line profit improvement.

An initial consultation along with a feasibility report is conducted to determine the cash flow and net present value (NPV) benefits. This consultation allows our professionals to evaluate your current tax status and your future business plans along with your CPA to determine if a study would be of benefit.

IBSP LLC serves a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of their expertise. They want to be a resource to you for life.


6ad161_400ac7d34d34454aab112f854d1434ba6ad161_cfbb9d8ac7eb43048c05ed6b45e0d5b26ad161_6c10beaa96d34e1fa846eef3fbd55f0e        6ad161_8d84d11784af4c9fa7612eb5c586673b

6ad161_06d6e21c99ea4261900cfac866d6f50c6ad161_8a879f5bba714c7fb2448a7ddadb19a0Plus Many Small Businesses in the US & Canada


                                       ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE!!!
To schedule a NO OBLIGATION 15 minute “Discovery Call”, with an IBSP LLC specialist, to see how their services can increase your bottom line, please email me @ and I will get this process started for you!!!
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Written By: Maury Sasso


increase-bottom-lineAs a business owner or manager, we are always looking for ways to increase our bottom line. In today’s economy, it important to have a “Strategic Tax Mitigation” strategies in place to maximize your bottom line.  There are several  “Strategic Tax Mitigation” processes that can benefit your company financially in a big way.



I have partnered up with a company called IBSP Business Solutions LLC and over the next couple of weeks or so I am going to be posting some different “Strategic Tax Mitigation” strategies for Business Owners to review.

no-riskWhat if I told you that through IBSP’s combined services and platforms, they have saved the business owners they serve, over $400 million dollars and have done so at NO RISK to the client? Their industry leading growth and success is the result of the superiority of their approach with prospective clients, wherein they put the needs/interests of those clients ahead of any interests of their own.  By expanding their time and energy to demonstrate their capacities through non-evasive & comprehensive studies and proposals (and associated guarantees) prior to there being ANY COST or OBLIGATION on the part of the client, they are expressing the confidence they have in themselves by putting their money where their mouth is.

Below is a little known – high return”Tax Incentive credit” that IBSP Business Solution LLC has the capabilities to provide to their clients!

Hiring Incentive Tax Credits

youre_hiredAs a result of the multitude of stimulus packages offered through various governmental agencies there exists substantial opportunities for employers to realize financial benefit through qualification for hiring incentive tax credits. We review every applicable stimulus package through studies that are performed to determine the eligibility of current and future employees in order to assess potential tax credits. This is accomplished through live screening interviews, offering assistance identifying target hiring categories, and providing internal compliance guidelines to ensure future new hires are properly screened. Our business owner clients will benefit up to $9,000 per year, per employee in tax credits.

For more information about how IBSP Business Solutions LLC can help your “Strategic Tax Mitigation” processes, please email me @ and we will set up YOUR FREE “Discovery” call!!!

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Written By: Maury Sasso