Who is Digital World?

Digital  World™ offers  a  valuable alternative  for  business  owners  to save  money  on  their  credit  card processing.  Our programs have been tailored to fit each business’ specific needs, while   delivering outstanding customer service, superior rates, and state-of-the-art technology!  We make entrepreneurs from all backgrounds into independent agents, providing a one of a kind engine to generate one of a kind wealth! This opportunity is like nothing before it!

The Opportunity Digital World™

Digital World™ gives you the ability to create wealth by giving back to your friends, family, and community. By signing up businesses for credit card services and creating a network, you will be paid upfront bonuses and monthly residual commissions. You can create downline legs as far down as 7 levels! Every time someone joins your business, signs up for credit card processing, or creates residual income in your qualifying levels of your downline organization, you will be paid for it!

Why Digital World?

$5 Trillion Industry

Easy-To-Use Interface

Work Your Own Hours

Residual Income

Upfront Bonuses

Unlimited Earnings

No Autoship


Digital World™ backs the promise to save merchants money with a respectable guarantee. If we can’t meet or beat their current credit card processor’s rates, we will write them a check for $500. Walking into a business with confidence has never been easier!

3 Ways To Get PAID!

  1. Active Merchant Bonuses For every activated merchant on your personal level of your down-line, you will receive a $50 bonus! 3 Ways To Get PAID!
  2. Active Agent Bonuses For every agent brought in on your first level you will earn a $100 bonus!
  3. Residual Income You will be paid 20% monthly commissions on all of your personal sales.

You will be paid bonuses and a percentage of all sales in the qualifying levels of your down-line organization!

“If you understood residual income, you would walk through a brick wall to get it!” – Art Jonak

Residual income can be described as income that is generated over and over from work that you’ve only performed once. It’s like planting a tree that produces fruit every month. The more trees you plant, the more fruit you can enjoy!