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increase-bottom-lineAs a business owner or manager, we are always looking for ways to increase our bottom line. In today’s economy, it important to have a “Strategic Tax Mitigation” strategies in place to maximize your bottom line.  There are several  “Strategic Tax Mitigation” processes that can benefit your company financially in a big way.



I have partnered up with a company called IBSP Business Solutions LLC and over the next couple of weeks or so I am going to be posting some different “Strategic Tax Mitigation” strategies for Business Owners to review.

no-riskWhat if I told you that through IBSP’s combined services and platforms, they have saved the business owners they serve, over $400 million dollars and have done so at NO RISK to the client? Their industry leading growth and success is the result of the superiority of their approach with prospective clients, wherein they put the needs/interests of those clients ahead of any interests of their own.  By expanding their time and energy to demonstrate their capacities through non-evasive & comprehensive studies and proposals (and associated guarantees) prior to there being ANY COST or OBLIGATION on the part of the client, they are expressing the confidence they have in themselves by putting their money where their mouth is.

Below is a little known – high return”Tax Incentive credit” that IBSP Business Solution LLC has the capabilities to provide to their clients!

Hiring Incentive Tax Credits

youre_hiredAs a result of the multitude of stimulus packages offered through various governmental agencies there exists substantial opportunities for employers to realize financial benefit through qualification for hiring incentive tax credits. We review every applicable stimulus package through studies that are performed to determine the eligibility of current and future employees in order to assess potential tax credits. This is accomplished through live screening interviews, offering assistance identifying target hiring categories, and providing internal compliance guidelines to ensure future new hires are properly screened. Our business owner clients will benefit up to $9,000 per year, per employee in tax credits.

For more information about how IBSP Business Solutions LLC can help your “Strategic Tax Mitigation” processes, please email me @ and we will set up YOUR FREE “Discovery” call!!!

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Written By: Maury Sasso



Are you struggling with SALES in your business?  Do you not have enough time in the day to get everything done in your business?  Are you successful in your business and ready to take it to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of the these questions, you really should consider looking into OUTSOURCING, which would do the hard work of SELLING for you.  You must 1st ask yourself; does it make sense to OUTSOURCE my lead generation for SALES?

I have put together some convincing reasons of why OUTSOURCING is a better way of growing your business while gaining the financial freedom you desire


CostsFor most Home Based Businesses, making all of the sales calls is just not affordable.  You may ask yourself, Huh?  Let’s do the math; How much are YOU worth an hour?  How many hours a day would it take YOU to call enough prospects to be successful?  Now calculate how much time You have left in your day to go out and find more leads to keep filling up that funnel. OUTSOURCING the “Sales” portion of your business is not only cost effective but it allows you more time to do the most important things in your business like building relationships, educating yourself and leading your business(s). Remember – “Listen – Learn – Lead”    (Global Power Networks is your clear choice for this)


productivity-for-adhdBy working with an Outsourced Sales Company your productivity doesn’t slow down. They do all of the selling and you do the productive work of getting QUALIFIED prospects to the them. A good outsourced sales company takes your prospects through the sales process for you and they will actually put the leads they sell into your business. (Customer / Agent)  It’s all done for you from start to finish.  How much more productive can you be!!! (Global Power Networks is your clear choice for this)


how-accurate-is-zillowIt is the OUTSOURCED Sales Company commitment to keep you accurately and fully engaged throughout the campaign. They should be adamant about open lines of communication and have well established processes according to the client’s needs. Finding a OUTSOURCING company to edify you and your company accurately is the most important. (Global Power Networks is your clear choice for this)


Precision_Spectra_Flexibility_Icon_710x399.image.470.0A good OUTSOURCING Sales company  will call the qualified leads, you provide to them, for various businesses you are involved in.  If you have been following my blogs you know how having MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME is one of the biggest keys to having Financial Freedom. A good OUTSOURCING company  will change the script to match your marketing needs such as representing the different business options available to the qualified lead. Adding new product or services should not be a problem for any OUTSOURCING  Sales company. (Global Power Networks is your clear choice for this) 


first-impresions-last-slide-041-001Do you leave professional voice mail messages? Make appropriate good first impression in the first seconds of a prospect call? Have correct information throughout a call? Make the proper presentation? A good OUTSOURCING company  has all of the above giving you the security of knowing that you are being represented in the best light possible.  (Global Power Networks is your clear choice for this)

I have partnered up with an AMAZING company called Global Power Networks (GPN) and they are an absolute awesome company.  They do all of the items listed above extremely well.   I think it’s healthy to be skeptical nowadays, with all the hype going on out there. But I also think being open minded is something that all successful and happy people share. Honestly, I would NOT have believed it myself if I just heard the online video, but it’s actually happening for me right now and I could not be happier!  I FINALLY found a way to make money from home, on my own terms without being stressed out!  GPN offers a FREE Consultation ($250 value) to anyone who is really interested in succeeding in this industry. To take the next step to success and financial freedom, please click on the link to watch a short video and then enter in your contact information.  GPN will contact you to schedule your FREE consultation!!! 

(Click Here – Global Power Networks is your clear choice for this)


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Written by: Maury Sasso



I have been doing these blogs for a while now and absolutely love sharing what I have learned over the years with all of you.  I didn’t just wake up one day and have all of this knowledge and insight however. It takes time and dedication.   For example, this past weekend, I drove from Fresno, Ca. to San Francisco on Saturday ( 3 ½ hour drive ) for a meeting and to learn from the Leaders at Digital World & IBSP.  Immediately following that meeting, I drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles ( 6 hour drive ) for another meeting on Sunday to learn even more to share with my team! You see, my team understands that they have a leader in me that is always learning and always excited to share what I have learned with them for THEIR success!

FYI – What I learned about Digital World & IBSP this weekend was mind blowing!!!  If you want to hear more about what I learned and about this AMAZING opportunity, please email me your phone # at

I have a formula that I learned years ago and has worked really well for me.


LISTENING – The Importance of Listening!

listeningListening is different from hearing.  Listening is fact finding and intelligence gathering from leaders, clients & customers who are on the front lines of the marketplace. The leader who will not take the time to listen has effectively limited their chances for success dramatically.

Leadership is much less about the leader and much more about the followers and their individual goals. It’s about having individuals look into your eyes and see who you really are as their leader.  As the leader, it’s about letting them see your vision and goals. The best connections / opportunities in life start with listening.

LEARN – Knowledge is Everlasting

ijdema-knowledge-is-powerLeaders are always learning.  For today’s leaders, the search is on for new ideas to replace those ideas that simply don’t work.  Today’s leaders are on high alert for new ideas and insights.  Great leaders are lifelong learners.  When you stop learning, you stop growing!!!

LEAD – Be the Pied Piper

Chart depicting the leadership style of transformational leaders

From listening and learning, we create the foundation from which to lead. Leadership is more than just charisma.  Real leadership is about being authentic.  Leadership is also about compassion and the genuine development of the people you are leading. Leadership is never about the one who leads.  It is always about the team and the organization. Leadership is about helping people feel completely supported so that they are able to achieve their goals in life & business.  Leadership is the backbone of a company, its brand, and its people. The leader recognizes the journey to create a legacy based on vision, mission, and values.

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Written by: Maury Sasso


If you are a “Merchant”  (Business Owner), and want to save money on your “Credit Card Processing Fees”, Please click on the link below to see a short video on our Merchant program.

03294d36-d36f-4348-9342-0a4ec4cc20dfIf you are Sales Professional, Business Owner, Merchant, Manager or someone who is looking to add more money to your bank account and would like more information about this One-of-A-Kind business opportunity that will bring you RESIDUAL income that can change your life FINANCIALLY, please email me your name & phone number & either I or my associate will get in contact with you shortly after.

For a short video explaining the AMAZING opportunity we have with our “Agent” program, please click on the link below





I cam across these interesting facts about St. Patrick’s Day and thought I would share with all of you!!!


Magic ShamrockThree is Ireland’s magic number. Numbers played an important role in Celtic symbolism. Three was the most sacred and magical number. It multiplies to nine, which is sacred to Brigit. Everything good in Ireland comes in threes. The rhythm of storytelling in the Irish tradition is based on threefold repetition. This achieves both intensification and exaggeration. Even today in quality pub talk, a raconteur can rarely resist a third adjective, especially if it means stretching a point.


free_leprechaun_shutterstock_421171571The Leprechaun is an Irish fairy. He looks like a small, old man (about 2 feet tall), often dressed like a shoemaker, with a cocked hat and a leather apron. According to legend, leprechauns are aloof and unfriendly, live alone, and pass the time making shoes. They also possess a hidden pot of gold. Treasure hunters can often track down a leprechaun by the sound of his shoemaker’s hammer. If caught, he can be forced (with the threat of bodily violence) to reveal the whereabouts of his treasure, but the captor must keep their eyes on him every second. If the captor’s eyes leave the leprechaun (and he often tricks them into looking away), he vanishes and all hopes of finding the treasure are lost.

“Near a misty stream in Ireland in the hollow of a tree
Live mystical, magical leprechauns
who are clever as can be 
With their pointed ears, and turned up toes and little coats of green
The leprechauns busily make their shoes and try hard not to be seen. 
Only those who really believe have seen these little elves 
And if we are all believers
We can surely see for ourselves.”
(Irish Blessing)


kiss-the-Blarney-stoneThe Blarney Stone is a stone set in the wall of the Blarney Castle tower in the Irish village of Blarney. Kissing the stone is supposed to bring the kisser the gift of persuasive eloquence (blarney). The castle was built in 1446 by Cormac Laidhiv McCarthy (Lord of Muskerry) — its walls are 18 feet thick (necessary to thwart attacks by Cromwellians and William III’s troops). Thousands of tourists a year still visit the castle.  The origins of the Blarney Stone’s magical properties aren’t clear, but one legend says that an old woman cast a spell on the stone to reward a king who had saved her from drowning. Kissing the stone while under the spell gave the king the ability to speak sweetly and convincingly.  It’s tough to reach the stone — it’s between the main castle wall and the parapet. Kissers have to stretch to their back and bend backward (and downward), holding iron bars for support.

Written By: Maury Sasso

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When a merchant (business owner), swipes, scans or processes a credit/debit card transaction, 4 players get immediately involved in the process of making that payment take place.

  • The Credit Card Associations (VISA, MasterCard, Amex & Discover)
  • The Issuing Bank – Customers Bank
  • The Acquiring Bank – Your Bank
  • The Processing Company


All of these entities are going to try to earn as much as possible on your business! As a merchant please remember that you can negotiate your fees! They are not set in stone!

Types of Fees

bundled-pricing-infographThese fees are not necessarily “fixed”. There will be variable components tied to the amount of the transaction designed to cover the funding or risk exposures related to credit or fraud losses. Depending on the size of your monthly throughput, the method of authorization and the type of payment devices used, each fee may vary. These are a few of the most important areas you need to look into in order to negotiate and minimize the fees you pay.

Interchange Fees

These are the fees that the issuing bank deducts from the sum transferred to the acquiring bank. Then on top of those fees your bank (acquiring bank) will deduct a small fee before releasing the money to your account. Those two fees put together are usually referred to as merchant fees.

Transaction-Based Fees

This fee is the most significant fee in the schedule of merchant processing charges. The fee consists of a percentage amount and an item charge that is connected to the fee rates published by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, etc… If the card is not present, fees will be higher. A debit card transaction that is PIN-based may result in a lower fee since the cash is deducted from the customer account in real time. There may also be additional authorization fees, gateway charges, or penalties for not following the rules. Processors that resort to more fees are typically trying to cover a discount rate that is far too low to begin with.

 Recurring Charges

These fees come in a variety of daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual charges designed to cover such things as nightly batch fees, statement preparation costs, software interfaces for Internet gateways or cash checkout programs, PCI compliance certifications, website integration, and any other recurring type of cost that is required to support your individual business requirements. These fees are typically itemized separately in a detailed fee proposal.

Other Special Assessments

Your merchant processor may have other special costs to recover also. There may be application and set up fees, account maintenance, item retrieval charges, special support requests, and chargeback handling fees. Other fees for check verification systems or PayPal may also appear here.

Most merchant processing fees are detailed in a processor proposal, but often some of these charges are buried in the small print of your contract, like a termination fee for discontinuing service. Perform your own due diligence on fee proposals on the front end to prevent any surprises down the road.

To help merchants with the task of evaluating their current processing fees, Digital World offers a FREE Cost Analysis with our GUARANTEE that if we can’t meet or beat your processing fees while giving you FREE brand new State-Of-The-Art processing equipment and technology, we will give you a check for $500.00.  To take advantage of this offer, Please email me your last 2 months processing statements and I will make sure your Cost Analysis is expedited as quickly as possible!

If you are a “Merchant”  (Business Owner), Please click on the link below to see a short video on our Merchant program

03294d36-d36f-4348-9342-0a4ec4cc20dfIf you are Sales Professional, Business Owner, Merchant, Manager or someone who is looking to add more money to your bank account and would like more information about this One-of-A-Kind business opportunity that will bring you RESIDUAL income that can change your life FINANCIALLY, please email me your name & phone number & either I or my associate will get in contact with you shortly after.

For a short video explaining the AMAZING opportunity we have with our “Agent” program, please click on the link below


Written By: Maury Sasso

Digital World – Residual Income – MUST READ!!!

I have been doing Network Marketing for a while now and absolutely love it!  I get to make friends with new and interesting people every day while working from the luxury of my home.  Since I started in this industry I quickly realized that I loved to help people reach their goals.  I have been successful to this point and I am so excited about what lays ahead in my business life.  I was recently introduced to an AMAZING business opportunity with a company named Digital World and I really wanted to share it with anyone who is looking to make a better life for themselves and their families!

Who is Digital World?

Digital  World™ offers  a  valuable alternative  for  business  owners  to save  money  on  their  credit  card processing.  Our programs have been tailored to fit each business’ specific needs, while   delivering outstanding customer service, superior rates, and state-of-the-art technology!  We make entrepreneurs from all backgrounds into independent agents, providing a one of a kind engine to generate one of a kind wealth! This opportunity is like nothing before it!

The Opportunity Digital World™

Digital World™ gives you the ability to create wealth by giving back to your friends, family, and community. By signing up businesses for credit card services and creating a network, you will be paid upfront bonuses and monthly residual commissions. You can create downline legs as far down as 7 levels! Every time someone joins your business, signs up for credit card processing, or creates residual income in your qualifying levels of your downline organization, you will be paid for it!

Why Digital World?

$5 Trillion Industry, Easy-To-Use Interface, Work Your Own Hours, Residual Income, Upfront Bonuses, Unlimited Earnings, No Autoship


Digital World™ backs the promise to save merchants money with a respectable guarantee. If we can’t meet or beat their current credit card processor’s rates, we will write them a check for $500. Walking into a business with confidence has never been easier!

3 Ways To Get PAID!

  1. Active Merchant Bonuses For every activated merchant on your personal level of your down-line, you will receive a $50 bonus! 3 Ways To Get PAID!
  2. Active Agent Bonuses For every agent brought in on your first level you will earn a $100 bonus!
  3. Residual Income You will be paid 20% monthly commissions on all of your personal sales.

You will be paid bonuses and a percentage of all sales in the qualifying levels of your down-line organization!


“If you understood residual income, you would walk through a brick wall to get it!”

– Art Jonak

Residual income can be described as income that is generated over and over from work that you’ve only performed once. It’s like planting a tree that produces fruit every month. The more trees you plant, the more fruit you can enjoy!


For a short video explaining our “Agent” program, please click on the link below

If you would like more information about this One-of-A-Kind business opportunity , please email me your name & phone number & either me or my associate will get in contact with you shortly after.

If you are a “Merchant” please click on the link below to see a short video on our Merchant program.

If you would like to receive a FREE Cost Analysis with our $500 Guarantee that we will be able to meet or beat your current processing fees, with FREE State of the Art  equipment, please email me your last 2 months processing statements and I will make sure your Cost Analysis is expedited as quickly as possible!



Written By: Maury Sasso

Earning Extra Money is No Longer an Option – It’s a Necessity.

eggs1basket-300x212Building multiple streams of income is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity. With the high rate of unemployment and the number of businesses going under, it has taught us that nobody is safe!

For most people, their only source of income is from their job, and they don’t have enough in the bank for an emergency. You should have enough in the bank to support your needs for at least 3 months and unfortunately many people fall well short of this. Some couples may be more a little more fortunate and have a spouse bringing in money each month, but they are still relying on a job for their livelihood.

Because of the financial risks involved with relying on a job for all of your incoming cash, it is critical to consider having at least one additional source of income. The list below details a few reasons why having several sources of income coming is important and how this extra cash can be used.


unemployment-rate2How safe is your job? Let’s face it; no job is really ever safe, especially in a tough recession. Having other sources of income can help you deal with a job loss much easier than being caught off guard. Even if your other sources of cash can’t cover all of your monthly expenses, it can still give you time to figure things out. Continue reading Earning Extra Money is No Longer an Option – It’s a Necessity.

How To Be Successful Working From Home?

To be successful Working from Home, you must be disciplined, motivated and most importantly, you must be a self-starter.  Is this you?

hand-me-successI know that I’m motivated by the reality that my success or failure, Working from Home, rests directly on MY shoulders!

If you think Working from Home means having the freedom to do whatever you want – whenever you want, think again!  People tend to think that when they Work from Home it is like a vacation. They spend their time WORKING on corresponding with old friends on social media sites, catching up on their “Stories” on TV. (i.e. Soap Operas, Jerry Springer, Ellen DeGenneres, etc…)  They forget to have PURPOSE in their day to day activities and this is always doomed to fail!!!  Working from Home does have its perks though.  You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, make more money and never have to commute back and forth to WORK!!!

I have been doing my Work from Home business for several years and the key word here is WORK!!!

Here’s how I get the most out of my WORK from Home business:

Start each day like you’re going to work. 

Coffee-CupThis means taking a shower, getting dressed & having your coffee and  breakfast. Having a routine will put you in a productive mindset and make you more productive. Continue reading How To Be Successful Working From Home?


ponderWhat do you want to be doing in five years? Are you clear about what your main objectives are at this very moment? Do you know what you want to have achieved by the end of today?

If you want to succeed you need to set goals. Without goals you lack focus and direction. Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction, it actually lets you know whether you are actually succeeding. To accomplish your goals you need to know how to set them. You can’t simply say, “I want” and expect it to happen. Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve and ends with a lot of hard work to actually accomplish it.  Knowing these steps will allow you to set goals that you can accomplish.

What Motivates You

motivation2When you set goals for yourself, it is important that they motivate you.  This means making sure that they are important to you. If you have little interest in the outcome then the chances of you putting in the work to make them happen are slim. Motivation is the key to achieving goals.

Prioritize your goals. Without prioritizing, you can end up with way too many goals.  This will leave you little time to dedicate to each one. Goal achievement requires commitment! To maximize the likelihood of success, you must have a “Do it now” attitude. When you don’t have this you procrastinate on what you need to do to make the goal a reality. Then you feel disappointed and frustrated with yourself. This is a form of de-motivating.  This can end up in a very destructive “I can’t do anything or be successful at anything” frame of mind. Continue reading SETTING GOALS – THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!!


ConsistencyThere is a secret that drives most businesses to succeed and this secret can be summed up in one word – “Consistency”.  Let’s be clear, consistency doesn’t mean being the best at something or providing the highest quality.  I know I’ve gone to my favorite Fast Food place because I know that there are a few items on their menu that I love to eat.  When I order, I will be able to get exactly what I want without any surprises.  I don’t go there because they make the highest quality hamburger, I go there because I know what I’m going to get. – “Consistency”

Consistency means providing predictable, reliable results to the customer or client every time you do business with them.

Customer ServiceThink about it, when you have a product or a service that people buy the first time, it means they’re starting the process of building their trust in you.  If they had a good experience they may spend their money with you a second time because they think that they will get the same experience as the first time.  If that person does in fact get a good experience with you the second time round and comes back for a third time.  They are there because of your level of consistency. The first visit sets the benchmark for the customer experience. The second visit either confirms or does not confirm consistency in the mind of the customer or client.  These contacts with you will form an expectation in the customers or clients mind as to whether or not they are getting value with you. Not just one or twice, but consistently every time. 

Successful businesses know that customer satisfaction comes from giving customers what you tell them you’re going to give them and they give it to them consistently.

Consistency-300x164You achieve consistency by doing the same thing in the same way so it produces exactly the same result each and every time you do it.  For your customers or clients to be able to expect consistency of service or product you must be able to identify what makes up consistency in your business!

Consistency creates the building block that your business will be built on.  Without consistency you will have nothing to measure your success or failures with. How do you know if something works if you are not consistent with it?  One thing for sure, If you are losing customers or clients it is most likely due to your lack of consistency and they will leave you without giving you any indication as to why. Continue reading CONSISTENCY MATTERS!!!