fork-in-the-road-what-nowThere are going to be a times in your life when you reach the “Fork in the Road” and we have to decide which path you will take. We fear this decision because we do not know which choice is the right path for us.


question_mark_by_bushlemonWe all ask questions like:

  • What happens if I choose the wrong path?
  • If I leave everything behind to start my own business, will I regret it?
  • If I choose this path, will I be able to live comfortably and will I find fulfillment?
  • If I choose this path, will I end up being broke and a failure?

These questions may seem like life or death decisions. Although they are life-changing, I can promise that they are not as hard they seem to be.

It is you that decides or chooses what you will do and how your life turns out.  You decide if you are going to have a great day or a bad day.

pointing-fingerYou choose everything in your life. There are certain things that can happen in your life that you have no control over.  The good news is that you can make decision’s now that will prevent those events from occurring.


So many people let the paths they are considering run around their mind for days and months. They feel frozen in place and do not know which path to choose.

thief-of-timeInstead of deciding which path they wanted they  end up procrastinating which holds them back. If you procrastinate and do not make a decision you will waste time that could have been used to move you down your path.

So Which Path do I Take?

I do not have the answer for you. I do not have the answer because it is not for me to determine which path you will take.  PassionYou are the one who must choose which direction. Only you know what you want.

Every time you weigh the different options, ask yourself  which option gives you that passion? Whatever option that brings out your passion is the right choice. Your path is not persuaded by other people’s opinions. They are not walking in your shoes and should have no bearing on the path YOU choose.  Always follow your passion and you will stay on the right path.

10158-SizeBy following your passion, your life will improve. You will start living how you want. Things will become easier. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have challenges.  It is you that decides what your life turns out like. Once you believe that there are no limitation that can hold you back from what you want, you will be well on your way!!!  With your belief in yourself you will clear the path in front of you. You will start accomplishing more, having more energy, and feeling fulfilled.

Now that you hopefully realize that there is nothing that can keep you from achieving what you want, what is stopping you from getting what you want?

Pick a path that brings out your passion + Your commitment to that path = SUCCESS!!!

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Written by: Maury Sasso


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