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Earning Extra Money is No Longer an Option – It’s a Necessity.

eggs1basket-300x212Building multiple streams of income is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity. With the high rate of unemployment and the number of businesses going under, it has taught us that nobody is safe!

For most people, their only source of income is from their job, and they don’t have enough in the bank for an emergency. You should have enough in the bank to support your needs for at least 3 months and unfortunately many people fall well short of this. Some couples may be more a little more fortunate and have a spouse bringing in money each month, but they are still relying on a job for their livelihood.

Because of the financial risks involved with relying on a job for all of your incoming cash, it is critical to consider having at least one additional source of income. The list below details a few reasons why having several sources of income coming is important and how this extra cash can be used.


unemployment-rate2How safe is your job? Let’s face it; no job is really ever safe, especially in a tough recession. Having other sources of income can help you deal with a job loss much easier than being caught off guard. Even if your other sources of cash can’t cover all of your monthly expenses, it can still give you time to figure things out. Continue reading Earning Extra Money is No Longer an Option – It’s a Necessity.

How To Be Successful Working From Home?

To be successful Working from Home, you must be disciplined, motivated and most importantly, you must be a self-starter.  Is this you?

hand-me-successI know that I’m motivated by the reality that my success or failure, Working from Home, rests directly on MY shoulders!

If you think Working from Home means having the freedom to do whatever you want – whenever you want, think again!  People tend to think that when they Work from Home it is like a vacation. They spend their time WORKING on corresponding with old friends on social media sites, catching up on their “Stories” on TV. (i.e. Soap Operas, Jerry Springer, Ellen DeGenneres, etc…)  They forget to have PURPOSE in their day to day activities and this is always doomed to fail!!!  Working from Home does have its perks though.  You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, make more money and never have to commute back and forth to WORK!!!

I have been doing my Work from Home business for several years and the key word here is WORK!!!

Here’s how I get the most out of my WORK from Home business:

Start each day like you’re going to work. 

Coffee-CupThis means taking a shower, getting dressed & having your coffee and  breakfast. Having a routine will put you in a productive mindset and make you more productive. Continue reading How To Be Successful Working From Home?


ponderWhat do you want to be doing in five years? Are you clear about what your main objectives are at this very moment? Do you know what you want to have achieved by the end of today?

If you want to succeed you need to set goals. Without goals you lack focus and direction. Goal setting not only allows you to take control of your life’s direction, it actually lets you know whether you are actually succeeding. To accomplish your goals you need to know how to set them. You can’t simply say, “I want” and expect it to happen. Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve and ends with a lot of hard work to actually accomplish it.  Knowing these steps will allow you to set goals that you can accomplish.

What Motivates You

motivation2When you set goals for yourself, it is important that they motivate you.  This means making sure that they are important to you. If you have little interest in the outcome then the chances of you putting in the work to make them happen are slim. Motivation is the key to achieving goals.

Prioritize your goals. Without prioritizing, you can end up with way too many goals.  This will leave you little time to dedicate to each one. Goal achievement requires commitment! To maximize the likelihood of success, you must have a “Do it now” attitude. When you don’t have this you procrastinate on what you need to do to make the goal a reality. Then you feel disappointed and frustrated with yourself. This is a form of de-motivating.  This can end up in a very destructive “I can’t do anything or be successful at anything” frame of mind. Continue reading SETTING GOALS – THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!!


ConsistencyThere is a secret that drives most businesses to succeed and this secret can be summed up in one word – “Consistency”.  Let’s be clear, consistency doesn’t mean being the best at something or providing the highest quality.  I know I’ve gone to my favorite Fast Food place because I know that there are a few items on their menu that I love to eat.  When I order, I will be able to get exactly what I want without any surprises.  I don’t go there because they make the highest quality hamburger, I go there because I know what I’m going to get. – “Consistency”

Consistency means providing predictable, reliable results to the customer or client every time you do business with them.

Customer ServiceThink about it, when you have a product or a service that people buy the first time, it means they’re starting the process of building their trust in you.  If they had a good experience they may spend their money with you a second time because they think that they will get the same experience as the first time.  If that person does in fact get a good experience with you the second time round and comes back for a third time.  They are there because of your level of consistency. The first visit sets the benchmark for the customer experience. The second visit either confirms or does not confirm consistency in the mind of the customer or client.  These contacts with you will form an expectation in the customers or clients mind as to whether or not they are getting value with you. Not just one or twice, but consistently every time. 

Successful businesses know that customer satisfaction comes from giving customers what you tell them you’re going to give them and they give it to them consistently.

Consistency-300x164You achieve consistency by doing the same thing in the same way so it produces exactly the same result each and every time you do it.  For your customers or clients to be able to expect consistency of service or product you must be able to identify what makes up consistency in your business!

Consistency creates the building block that your business will be built on.  Without consistency you will have nothing to measure your success or failures with. How do you know if something works if you are not consistent with it?  One thing for sure, If you are losing customers or clients it is most likely due to your lack of consistency and they will leave you without giving you any indication as to why. Continue reading CONSISTENCY MATTERS!!!


Fear-Quotes-32When I first started in Network Marketing I wanted to get a really clear picture of what I needed to do and exactly how I needed to do it. I was serious about wanting to create passive income and I wanted to do it as quickly as I could.  I attended every open meeting I could, I jumped on all the webinars and I read everything I could about the industry and the strategies that were used to build a successful Network Marketing business.

I was off to good start right? Wrong!!! I did all of this out of FEAR!!! What I needed to do was LAUNCH my business right away and learn as I went. I became so fearful that I would fail that I made the decision to study and learn every aspect until I thought I was good enough.  It took me over 3 months to feel comfortable enough to finally LAUNCH my business.  With all of this knowledge I was getting, BEFORE I actually LAUNCHED my Network Marketing Company, I knew I was going to go out and sponsor thousands of people into my business in record time.

FailedStampWell guess what? I think you know where I am going with this.   Did I become the Network Marketing Super Star I thought I was going to be?  NO I didn’t.  Nothing happened.  I didn’t do much at all.  I sponsored a few people here and there but I became so fearful that I wasn’t going to be the perfect Network Marketer and that people would judge the way I was doing things that I achieved virtually nothing!  I have seen so many people become so fearful that they might make a mistake or that people will judge them for what they are doing.   They actually quit and go back to working in job they don’t like, to produce an income that doesn’t allow them to live the life they want when all that had to do was to overcome their fear!

How to Overcome your Fear?

Firstly you must understand that you can do this.  You already have everything inside of you needed to overcome your FEAR !!! You just need to exercise it!

WhatsYourWhyFor your very first step, revisit your “WHY”!  I mean really revisit it.  Take some time to think about and visualize your “WHY” and what your life will be like when you have achieved it.

LaunchDo yourself a favor and just GET STARTED & LAUNCH your business!!! Procrastination will breed FEAR!!!  Know that there may be bumps along the way and just keep going.  Be willing to fail and to make mistakes because once you learn what not to do you know what to do right? It’s OK to fail.  Just don’t give up!!!

The Network Marketing Company you are involved with or are considering to join should already have a proven SIMPLE-DUPLICATABLE system and provide tools for you to succeed when you launch your business  while you learn what works best for you.  Having these tools and systems will not eliminate the FEAR completely but will diminish it considerably!

( If you would like to learn more about my Network Marketing Company, the tools we have available for your success and my FREE SIMPLE-DUPLICATABLE system, please click on the link – )  Remember that you will only get out of it what you put into it!!!

think-positiveIf you joined your Network Marketing business because you don’t like your job, don’t have enough money or don’t have enough freedom, I highly suggest you start looking at things at little differently. I will show you want I mean: If you are saying I don’t like my job and I don’t want to continue, you are looking at the negative.  If you think from the negative you will attract negative and that breeds FEAR! Turn it around to saying something like this: I really like the idea of working for myself and being my own boss. Now you are looking at the positive.  Remember if you think from the positive you will attract positive and that conquers FEAR!

Everyone who has ever succeeded in Network Marketing has failed at some point.  Start appreciating what you do achieve and don’t get caught up with the notion that you are going to wake up one morning and be at the top of your pay plan without doing anything.  It isn’t going to happen. Continue to get your Network Marketing education and implement what you learn.  KEEP GOING!!!

Comfort-Zone-image-01It is normal to feel fear! Fear is just a way of letting you know that you are stepping outside of your comfort zone, and once you do so,  you really begin to grow. Celebrate fear and harness its energy to help you learn what you need to know!  Most of life’s greatest accomplishments come from fear.  Think about it;  When you 1st learned to walk, you were scared.  Our 1st day of school, we were scared.  Our 1st date, we were scared! Imagine if we never conquered any of these fears!  Where would we be today?

embrace-fear-writeEmbrace your FEAR, with caution if necessary, and keep moving forward.  A little step forward is so much better than just standing in the same place expecting different results.

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Written by Maury Sasso


“Good Business Leaders Create a Vision – Articulate the Vision – Passionately Owns the Vision & Relentlessly Drive it to Completion!”

Quote by: Jack Welch

Leadership brings together people for a common goal.  As a Leader I do the following;

Create a Vision

Create a VisionVision provides direction, sets priorities, and provides a marker, so that you can tell that you’ve achieved what you wanted to achieve.

To create a vision, leaders focus on an organization’s strengths by using tools to analyze their current situation. They think about how their industry is likely to evolve and how their competitors are likely to behave. They look at how they can innovate successfully, and shape their businesses and their strategies to succeed in future marketplaces.  Therefore, leadership is proactive – problem solving, looking ahead, and not being satisfied with things as they are.

Once Leaders have developed their visions, they must make them compelling and convincing. A compelling vision is one that people can see, feel, understand, and embrace. Effective leaders provide a vivid picture of what the future will look like when their visions have been realized. They tell inspiring stories and explain their visions in ways that everyone can relate to.

Articulate a Vision

A VISION provides the foundation for leadership.  Its leaders’ ability to motivate and inspire people that helps them deliver that vision.Articulate

Perfect example; when you start a new project, you will probably have lots of enthusiasm for it, so it’s often easy to win support for the project at the beginning. However, it can be difficult to find ways to keep your vision inspiring after the initial enthusiasm fades.  Leaders recognize this and they work hard throughout the project to Articulate their vision with people’s individual needs, goals, and aspirations.

One of the key ways they do this is through “Expectancy Theory”.  Expectancy Theory proposes an individual will behave or act in a certain way because they are motivated to select a specific behavior over other behaviors due to what they expect the result of that selected behavior will be. The expectation that hard work leads to good results.  The expectation that good results lead to attractive rewards or incentives. This motivates people to work hard to achieve success because they expect to enjoy rewards.

Other approaches include restating the vision in terms of the benefits it will bring to the team’s customers.  They take frequent opportunities to communicate the vision in an attractive and engaging way.

What is really helpful is when leaders are known as the expert . People admire and believe in these leaders because they are an expert in what they do. They have credibility, and they’ve earned the right to ask people to listen to them and follow them. This makes it much easier for these leaders to motivate and inspire the people they lead.

Passionately Own a Vision

be-passionateAs a leader, when you Passionately own your vision, it is contagious.  Leaders must ensure that the work needed to deliver the vision has passion.  It’s a well known fact that when someone is trying to do something they are Passionate about, they usually not only complete the task but they do the better than they thought they could.  PASSION IS POWERFUL!!!

Relentlessly Drive a Vision to Completion

RelentlessIndividual and team development are important activities carried out by true leaders. To develop a team you must have leaders who will Relentlessly Drive a Vision to Completion.  A leader will ensure that team members have the necessary skills and abilities to do their job and achieve the vision. They do this by giving and receiving feedback regularly and by training and coaching people to improve individual and team performance.  They keep their foot on the gas pedal.  They know that the road to their vision may be a little rocky at times but they never give up.  They are Relentless in the pursuit of their Vision

Final Thoughts

Leadership can be hard to define and it means different things to different people.

Great Leaders set direction and help themselves and others to do the right thing to move forward. To do this they do they MUST create the vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and drive the Vision to completion!!!

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Written by: Maury Sasso


legacyStrive for the Better of Everyone you Meet

We must always continue to strive for the best for ourselves but we should never forget to serve other people, including our friends, family, co-workers & strangers.  When you serve other people you are leaving a lasting Legacy

Make Other peoples’ Interest as Important as your Own Interest

Much of the world suffers simply because people consider only their own interests. People are looking out for number one, but the way to leave a legacy is to show genuine Interest in other peoples Interest.  Focus on them and not yourself!

integrityMaintain YOUR integrity at all costs. 

There are very few things you take to the grave with you. The number one thing is your reputation and good name. When people remember you, you want them to think, “He/She was the most honest person I knew. What integrity.” There are always going to be temptations to cut corners and break your integrity. Do not do it. Do what is right all of the time, no matter what the cost.

risk-gain-crossword-28131205Risk = Gain. 

In just about every aspect of life you must risk in order to gain the reward. In love, you must risk rejection in order to ask that person out for the first time. In investing you must place your capital at risk in the market in order to receive the prize of a growing bank account. When we risk, we gain. And when we gain, we have more to leave for others.

Get What you Give. 

What you give you get. What you put into the ground then grows out of the ground. If you give love you will receive love. If you give time, you will gain time. It is one of the truest laws of the universe. Decide what you want out of life and then begin to sow it.

hARD wORKHard work = Strong Legacy. 

No one will say, “It is too bad he was such a good, hard worker.” But if you aren’t they will surely say, “It’s too bad he was so lazy—he could have been so much more!” Hard work will leave a strong legacy. Give it your all while you are here on earth. You will do a lot of good and leave a terrific legacy.

Don’t give up when you fail. 

Imagine what legacies would have never existed if someone had given up. How many thriving businesses would have been shut down if they quit at their first failure? Everyone fails. It is a fact of life. But those who succeed are those who do not give up when they fail. They keep going and build a successful life—and a legacy.

Don’t Ever Stop in YOUR Pursuit of the Legacy you want to Leave Behind. 

lEGACY lEFTMany people have accomplished tremendous things later on in life. There is never a time to stop in your pursuit of the legacy you want to leave behind.  There is always time to do more and achieve more, to help more and serve more, to teach more and to learn more. Keep going and grow that legacy!

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Written by: Maury Sasso



dOWN eCONOMYDue to this down economy, marketing strategies have shifted from mass marketing – to targeted marketing -to today’s strategy of “Individual Marketing.”

Most of today’s big brands are still working with the strategy of “Mass Marketing” to their prospects with a single message and miss the mark. Some have advanced to “Target Marketing” select prospects and customers based on very broad parameters (e.g., married or single), but such a strategy still misses the mark.

Keeping_the_Cash_Flowing_in_a_Down_Economy90% of marketers are seeing “Individual Marketing” as the future of marketing in this new economy.  So how do you move away from simple minded “Mass Marketing” & “Target Marketing” strategies to implementing an effective “Individual Marketing.” strategy?

Here are 3 tips to effectively begin your “Individual Marketing.” Strategy

#1: One-to-one personalization              

To convert someone who might buy one time into a valuable, loyal, long-time customer, it’s best to create message streams tied to very specific buyer personalities in order to create an emotional response that drives them to take action.  You do this by establishing a One-to-one “ personal relationship.  You need to get to know your customers.  What drives them?  This takes a little time but getting a long-term customer is well worth it.  Remember that people usually only buy from people they TRUST!!!

 Loyal Customer

#2: Know what your buyers want

To understand what your buyers want, you must first find out what topics or products they are engaging you about? By managing the customer experience and by understanding the issues that drive different buyer’s behaviors, you can deliver specific messages, images and call-to-actions that yield the highest returns.


#3: Build loyal customers with one-on-one conversations

Customers want personalization! In fact, approximately 75% of online consumers get frustrated when content is not personalized to their interests. With “Individual Marketing”, personalized marketing techniques are used to maximize results and enable you to turn a stranger into a long-time, loyal customer. You want to start a conversation with your prospect.  Don’t engage them with a one track mind!   Get to know them.  Be a good listener and respond appropriately!  People love to talk about themselves.  Compliment them along the way when appropriate.  When it’s time, tell them about yourself.  Focus on ANY interest you have in common.  This will establish trust and your prospect will be more likely to move forward with your products/services.   Remember that people usually only buy from people they TRUST!!!

The days of the FAST sale are far a few between.  The ones who succeed in this NEW ECONOMY are going to be the ones who adapt to it and are willing to do things a different way.  Do yourself a favor and try these 3 tips for 30 days.  After 30 days, look up and see where you are!  You will be surprised!!!

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Written by: Maury Sasso


My brother was born with club feet back in 1968.  I witnessed, 1st hand, the struggles and triumphs he had gone through to reach his goal.

Lets start from the beginning.  Back in 1968 the medical field really didn’t know how to fix Club Feet.  I remember the Dr. telling my mom that my brother most likely would never be able to crawl, walk, run or ever play sports.

Fast forward 5 years! –  After several surgeries to correct his club feet, he was still unable to walk.  He went  to his 1st day of Kindergarten, in a wheelchair, and came home in tears.  He told my mom that he saw the other kids running and playing and he wanted to do the same.

And so it started! Every day, he would do exercises to the point of exhaustion.  He would even push my brother and I around for hours in his wheelchair using the wheelchair as a walker and never  wanted us to push him around in the chair!   I never saw a person work so hard at reaching his goal of being able to walk. He DIDN’T quit!!!   Then it happened.  He took his 1st steps!!!  The look on his face was priceless.  You could see the determination and all of the hard work had paid off.  He NEVER QUIT!!!Success-Takes-Time-Dont-Quit

Fast forward 5 more years! – After a few more surgeries and NEVER QUITTING, he tried out for Little League baseball and made the team as a starting 2nd basemen.  He then tried out for soccer and made that team as a starting Right Forward! He was a fastest one on his teams! I remember racing him and he would kick my butt every time. I could see the pride in his face.  He was very proud of what he was able to accomplish because he DIDN’T quit.

Continue reading DON’T QUIT – NEVER GIVE UP